Becoming One, 2019, Digital Image Collage


The Backstory:

I think it was in 2016 when an old professor, Aleah Ford (@AleahMichele on instagram), invited my to a Flickr gathering at a ranch were she lived. It was my first time ever going to one and I was horribly terrified because new people and a place I have never been is not my cup of tea. However, I went and met she some really cool people. We got in to photo taking right away and I hung around a girl named Loren for the beginning (@lorenschmidtphotography on instagram). I em caressingly just got my new camera and could not figure out how to turn it to RAW for the life of me. I actually messed up one of her shoots because of it (whoops). But I still got this shot and was really happy with it, but something was always a little of. I could never put my finger on it, but I was always really happy with the composition of it.


Flash-forward two and a half years…

and I went hiking with some of my pals (Erica, Remi, and Justin) and I found the perfect place to remake it with Justin in all black. I honestly did not even realize that I wanted to remake it, but when I saw that hill I knew Justin would be laying down in the snow (as was I). My mind instantly flashed back to the picture of Loren, which was a much warmer situation.


The original Justin image is shown above, ;eft (still with some lighting correction- everything was SO white out with the bright sun and the snow). I really liked the simplicity of it. I really liked the simplicity of it until I got it in to photoshop…

Then the color gradient layers started. I found one I really liked (full shown above, left). I did my usual tricks to make it look good, and still wasn’t feeling it. I ended up making four more versions of it turning it in different directions and stretching it to make the colors go where I wanted.

This is when we got to the end image. I then edited the other two images that goes along with it in a similar fashion so they could be strung together. I think it is really interesting to re-do old work. Referencing yourself in a different time, and a different place is an interesting part of art. I am still happy with both images and I think I may try to do it again. People grow so much, but that doesn’t mean we lose those old parts of us. An ode to who I was May 2016, and ode to the people who were in my life and how have left all wrapped up in to one idea of an image.

Becoming One, 2019, Digital Image Collage