Human Statue, 2017, Digital Image

Model: Emily Smith; Location: Tillman Wildlife Refuge

Sooooooooo let me tell you about the looks we got driving to this location. Tillman is probably about 25 minutes from my parents house and every.single.person we passed driving gave Emily the weirdest stare. In their defense, she looked like she did in the first image.

I lost all of the other images from this shoot except this one (and by lost I mean that my hard drives, yes plural, are very messy and I can not find the others). If I was only going to be left one I am pretty happy with this one.

The bones of the image (or composition you could say) are fairly simple, the post production of this one was the real fun. I had never edited anything like it to the extent of what I had to do, or the lifelike features that I wanted.


The start

As you can see my hair paint did not work very well. This lead me to know that was going to be one of the harder parts of editing this. Naturally, since I knew that I started there…


the middle

After I got the hair taken care of then it was adding shadowing and depth in the face. This was a lot of masks and curve layers. I think the ending image has a total of 14 layers.


the end

And this is the ending. The last of these three images show color correction. There are two actual color layers underneath the layer that turned it black and white.

PSA if you are ever looking to get fully painted a color I would LOVE to do this again