We should begin here…


Okay, so let me explain. What have I possibly asked you to be a part of? For now, we’re calling it Project 0. I have a working title, but I am just not sure yet so for our sake we are going to continue with the notion that I have asked you to be a part of Project 0.

As a photographer, I have been constantly trying to come to terms with things that have happened in life—trying to find ways to represent how I was feeling since I was pretty bad at doing that in real life. Photography has helped me through some pretty dark times in my life and I am so incredibly grateful to have had it to help me find resolution and reassurance. For most of 2017, 2018, and the beginning of 2019 I felt like the image of the distorted bedroom. I was slowly falling apart, which is what my book This Isn’t A Story About You is about. You can read more about that book in the “books” tab.

Upon moving to Baltimore I started to get worried because I was…happy? Happy? What is that? I was starting grad school for photo and that lonely, sad place were I found inspiration was gone. I am super proud of where I am at, but that still doesn’t take away the fear of coming up with a new project.

So this is where you come in—I want to make an image with you, based on a story from your life that you feel like sharing. Thus, emulating your voice. I have a short form for you to fill out. (you’re not applying to be a part of the project it’s more for me) I want anyone and everyone who is possibly interested in this project to talk with me.

The form asks you to choose a number between 1-10 and there is a reason for this. These numbers correspond with a question I am going to ask you — this will start our discussion. I don’t want everyone to pick the same question so it’s going to be random.

The questions mostly have to do with dark times in your life and where you’re at now. The biggest thing I want you to note:

Your sadness / experiences / trauma is no less nor greater then anyone else’s.

The most intense feelings you have felt are still the most happy /sad / confused / comfortable you have ever felt and that means that it is valid. We are here to learn,and to gain knowledge, and to help each other out.

What ever experience you bring to the table is enough and is worth talking about.

Do you have some questions before filling out the form? No worries! Send me a text at 716-698-5532, or an email at rohlphoto@gmail.com

Let’s chat a little before we dig in deep. A lot of these topics could be touchy so I don’t want you to feel rushed in expression or in the creation.