Mother Nature (series), 2017, Digital Images


The destruction

of my home


The destruction

of the world around me

goes on.

I walk and walk and walk

to try to find new land,

but all of it is gone.

This series started when I was driving to work and I was incredibly surprised when I that the beautiful forest that ended Youngs Road had been completely torn down so that only mud and sticks where left. I was shocked at how quickly it had happened and even more annoyed when I figure out that more houses where going up.

Mind you, this was mid-February in Buffalo, NY. Buffalo is known for its snow covered winters, but sally and I lucked out with a break in precipitation. Sally being my go to for any situation that I think a sane person would say no to was over joyed at the idea of doing a project based on Mother Nature. We plastic wrapped the passenger seat in my car that she was going to be sitting in and we where ready to go.

We shot for a while, it’s on a pretty busy road in Williamsville and this shoot gave us some of the weirdest stares we have ever gotten. Naturally, it was below freezing and Sally was in a short, white, sleeveless dress ready to roll in the mud. We had a pretty successful shoot and I remember being so excited to get back home to edit. We both get in to my car and I start to back up. Me being the genius that I am had parked in the mud…I’m guessing you know what comes next. My car got stuck. Sally gets out of her plastic wrapped seat to sit in the drivers seat and I was in charge of pushing. After about 10 minutes I started thinking my car was really stuck and called my dad asking if he would bring wood panels to put under the tires. He was pissed, but he said yes. I didn’t give up, however, and about after 5 more mixtures of pushing and rocking I got the car free and my dad did not have to come save us.

The pictures ended up being some of my favorites ever, I still have the one below hanging in my house in Baltimore. Also, it was my first feature on the instagram “Sombre Beings” which I still think is pretty cool.