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Jessica Lynn Rohl

Jessica Rohl is a narrative photographer focusing on how different humans react, cope, and find resolution in things that have happened to them. Born in Buffalo, NY, she now resides in Baltimore, MD to be part of the Photographic and Electronic Media (“PEM”) MFA program at Maryland Institute College of Art (“MICA”). She finished her undergraduate career at the State University College at Buffalo (“Buff State”) with a degree in Fine Arts. She has been exhibited in galleries such as the Albright-Knox, and the 1045 Gallery. She has been published in magazines including “Draft 15.” She has also been published in books such as, Photographer’s Form: Best of College & High School of 2017 and A Conversation About Conservation.

Awards & Achievements

2018- President of Buffalo State’s Conference Room

2018- Combined Senior Show with Paige DeWald, 1045 Gallery in Buffalo

2018- Spring Semester Upper Level Class in Art and Design Exhibition, Buffalo State

2018- Exhibited with Draft 15 Magazine, Rochester

2018- Published in Draft 15 Magazine

2018- Nominated for Dean’s Award of Excellence

2017- Exhibited in group show, A Conversation About Conservation, Buffalo State

2017- Co-Editor in Chief of Photography Book

2017- Project Manager of Senior Seminar Class Magazine

2017- Exhibited in a Combined Master’s Thesis Show with Shayna Israel and Emily De Beer

2017- Two photographs in the Group Show for Buffalo State Fine Arts Department

2017- A finalist in the Photographer’s Form: Best of College & High School of 2017 (is published in book)

2017- Photographer for Ink Junkeyz Magazine (repeated)

2016- Photographer for television show aired on Animal Planet Canada

2015- Photograph exhibited in group show at Pregones Theater/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, NYC

2015- 1st place photograph in Brant Fest

2014- Chosen to exhibit work at Albright- Knox Future Curators Exhibition

2014- 3rd place photograph in Brant Fest

2013- Chosen to exhibit work Albright-Knox Future Curators Exhibition