Lost in the light

Photographs taken on 35m m colored portra film. Mixed with poems written by Ashley Rohl, my oldest sister.

Lost in the Light is a project that has not been exhibited nor has it been officially published. It is still in the process of being made. It was a project that was started back in the Fall of 2016. At first it was a series of portraits, but now it has turned in to a mixture of landscapes and portraits that evoke a feeling of loneliness and discomfort in one's self. Taking this even to the next level poetry and written words were added by Ashley Rohl to help this feeling become more alive. 


After the storm

This is an example of the spread from the book in world.This spread is inspired from a devo (end of the night devotionals) that I experienced back when I was a camper at LCLC. One of my counselor's grandmothers had just passed away and it was her last night with us before she had to depart to the funeral. My counselors took my cabin to this patch of woods far away from the cabins and told us to scream. I was in a cabin with probably about ten other girls and we were all a little hesitant at first, but once you get started screaming you can't stop. The therapeutic nature of screaming will always be a memory burned in to my brain and this spread represents that. This spread represents after the storm.

11_04_2017 005.jpg
11_04_2017 004.jpg


I am not positive why this spread speaks so much to me, but this is one I wanted to share with you. Let me know what it may mean to you—maybe then I will understand why it means so much to me.